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The HALLOWEEN Chronicles


The 'Halloween' Chronicles is an attempt by a group of fans to fill the void left by the temporary absence of any new 'official' films in the franchise, while also expanding on the world laid out by the classic series of movies and beyond, with the original and best MIchael Myers taking centre stage again.


While some of the entries attempt to address continuity issues that have become apparent, others stories bring back the boogeyman and return the festival of Samhain to the original king of slashers himself. Shot with care, passion and 110% enthusiasm, we hope you will enjoy these films which have not only been selected at festivals around the world but have also WON AWARDS.


The titles are as follows;


Halloween Nightfall (2008)

Halloween Night Terror (2012) (WINNER BEST FILM Devil's Eyes Festival - 2013, WINNER Phoenix Comic Con Film Festival 2015, OFFICIAL SELECTION StarFest Fan Film Festival, 2015)

Halloween One Good Scare (2013)



"I've heard of kids trick r' treating, but this takes the mick! Have they been letting the loonies out for the night too?!"

- Jack


In this newest fan film instalment of the Halloween Chronicles, the mythos of cinema's infamous boogeyman, Michael Myers, expands and proves that On All Hallow's Eve, no-one is safe from the madman's grasp.


It is Halloween night in the town of Russellville, a few miles from the notorious Haddonfield, and resident Jack Dennant, wants nothing more than to forget all about the ghouls, ghosts and glowing pumpkins that line his street outside. But after begrudging some visitors at his door, looking for treats, little does he realise, the festival of samhain has one last deadly trick to play...


This October 31st, HE makes the rules...


To watch the original cut with the Carpenter/Howarth score (alternate cut), click here

A Fan-Made adaptation of the chilling comic written by (Halloween 25 Years of Terror Director & Halloween comic writer) Stefan Hutchinson with Peter Fielding.


Trailer music from Soundsnap & Halloween theme in this instance by StarJedi


Adapted for the screen by David Hastings


Released as a strictly NON PROFIT FAN FILM by Lightbeam Productions & Pat The Bull Films.  Made by fans for fans.


SYNOPSIS: A young man named David Loomis (Graeme Brookes), is a doctor following in his father's footsteps, but refuses to participate in the obsession that ruined him. A firm believer that Michael Myers is long dead - that is until a patient he takes on by the name of Lindsey Wallace (Leah Green), is convinced that the bogeyman is after her.

As these two lives come together, little do they realise that they are heading down a path which will bring them face to face with evil event that will have tragic consequences for one of them.

PASSWORD: loomis

Production Design: Alex Bourne, Ayesha Butcher, Jamie Phillip Wynne, Ed Stone, Richard Edmunds, Sam Wood.Special Make-up Effects by Troy Dennison & Alex Bourne. Sound: Kaush Patel.

Director of Photography: Matthew Wood.

Produced by Kaush Patel, Alex Vasquez & David Hastings.

Written by Stef Hutchinson (comic) Adapted for the Screen & Directed by David Hastings.


"There was a time when I wasn't afraid of you Michael...but that's all changed now hasn't it?"

- Dr Terrance Wynn


In this short untold chapter of the Halloween series, fans are offered a glimpse at what happened to Doctor Terrance Wynn (aka The Man In Black), from both Halloween 5 & 6, and how his encounter with Michael Myers will shape the Halloween to come!


Two years after the massacre at Smith's Grove Warren County Sanitarium, Dr Wynn is a living recluse in a now fear stricken Haddonfield. Silent whispers spread through the town about how his now exposed past, but as he waits in the shadows of his home, Wynn is about to come face-to-face with evil personified, one final time.


When the night falls on All Hallow's Eve...HE will return.


Click here to watch a behind the scene featurette on the making of the film

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