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Brink (2015)

SYNOPSIS: The fatal consequence of a homophobic

attack give the victim one last moment to think back over

their own life. All in the brink of an eye it seems.

Produced initially as an experiment to record with

new 4K technology, BRINK turned into something

beyond all of our wildest hopes, and has been screened

around the world on multiple occasions at some of the most recognised film festivals.

Filmed in Sandwell Valley in August 2014.


STARRING: Alex Bourne, Jack Knight (VO)

DOP: Kaushy Patel

STORY BY: David Hastings & Alex Bourne


Alex Bourne (employed his own make up fx to create the bloody visuals you see in the film, and is currently embarking on his new horror film Clownface
Jack Knight provided the voice to the character seen in Brink, and after studying at Stafford College, is now furthering his education in London.
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