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Owing to the success of the collaboration between

Lightbeam Productions and Pat The Bull films, we are

now in development on another anthology film, both

different in style and with a new wall of obstacles

and even greater creative challenges we cannot wait

to get stuck into! Building on the atmosphere & tone

of the Hammer Horror/Amicus film chillers of the

1960/70s, we aim to bring solid and Gothic British

horror back to the world's attention!


The House of Screaming Death features four eerie

and chilling tales, all introduced by the mysterious

Architect played by Ian McNeice (Doctor Who,

From Hell, Doc Martin, White Noise, Dune). who is

telling these stories to guests one dark and stormy night, all related back to the mysterious house they are within.


Spanning decades, these new and horrifying stories involve The Lady in Grey, Witchcraft, the infamous Shadow figures from multiple urban legends, the lore of the Vampyre as well as demonic phenomenon.


Director David Hastings will co-produce again with Pat The Bull producer Kaush Patel, and will share writing/directing duties again with Troy Dennison, Rebecca Harris while introducing Alex Bourne to the fray also. Please keep visit the website at as well as the film's FACEBOOK and TWITTER for more news and updates!

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A clip from The Lady In Grey (written and directed by Troy Dennison), and features Matthew Kinson & Andy Simon, both past residents of the horrifying curse the house has over lost souls. Watch if you dare!

Our second clip comes from The Witch In The Mirror - the opening scene in fact, which stars the amazing Sarah Gain and Tom Loone - as they face the emerging threat of the Necromancers!
The second segment from the film was written by Mark Lees and directed by Rebecca Quinny Harris-Smith.

The 3rd clip takes us back in time to August 1888, the setting for The Vampyre.


This scene sets the context for the horrors that are about to be unleashed....again. Featuring the magnificent Brett Dewsbury and Charles Oliver O'Neill (as Father Malone, noticed The Fog reference there?), and written/directed by Dave Hastings, this scene (and a few others), was shot in and around Rushall Parish in Walsall and displays how the filmmakers reached out to and worked with the local community to help support Arts in the region.

The final clip from the film for our countdown this week is from the final segment directed by Alex Bourne - The Diabolique, and is not for the faint of heart!


Featuring the fantastic Leah Green and her equally great on-screen brother Richard Buck, this short and bloody scene sets in motion events that will take a horrifying turn in the finale!

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